Advanced Data Migration

We know through years of experience that a successful HCM deployment is contingent on a team with well-defined responsibilities and accurate data. That’s why our commitment to always provide our Guru Clients with a lot of love and a successful implementation begins early in the sales engagement process.

As a way to adhere to our commitment, we have partnered with Providence Technology Solutions, a leader in HCM technology consulting and implementation, to offer our clients advanced resources for challenging and complex data migrations. 

Providence Technology Solutions’ unique combination of expert HCM consultants, custom PeopleGuru templates, and the PeopleGuru Data Migration Xpert Package helps to deliver a fast, accurate, and low cost data migration. Their technology and expertise helps our Guru Clients reduce the time to go-live, accelerate ROI, and avoid costly mistakes.

By partnering with Providence Technology Solutions, our Guru Clients can focus more on strategic business initiatives and less on data gathering.

The Providence PeopleGuru Data Migration Xpert Package Includes:

Data Migration Readiness Assessment

  • Data Extraction Analysis
  • Test Data Validation
  • Legacy System Data Dictionary
  • Data Element and Attribute Mapping
HCM Xpert Series Software Accelerates
  • Extraction of source data into HCM-Migration Xpert
  • Validation and cleanse source data
  • Mapping, translation and transformation of data from/to many of the most frequently used systems
  • Loading data into PeopleGuru for smooth parallel testing and go-live deployments

Data Cleanliness Program

  • Commences upon production go-live
  • Ensures migrated data is maintained properly
  • Mitigates risk areas before data cleanliness becomes an issue



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