Payroll for Dispensaries

PeopleGuru’s payroll solution is designed to meet the compliance needs of the dispensary industry. Start paying your employees without worrying about compliance. Part of our single application for HR/Payroll and Talent Management.

  • Legislative & Tax Compliant
  • Full-service banking 
  • Automated payroll
  • Unlimited Support 

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A Single Application

PeopleGuru helps you manage the entire employee lifecycle from one place. 

  • Payroll & Tax 
  • HR Management
  • Talent Management 
  • Recruiting 
  • Onboarding 
  • Benefits Management 
  • Learning Management 

Flexible and Agile 

We develop our own technology, allowing us to:

  • Configure to unique client needs
  • Adapt to evolving compliance changes
  • Meet the functional needs of high growth organizations

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