Webinar Recording: Experience The Power of a Single HCM Application
Check out this recording of our webinar, Experience The Power of a Single HCM Application, as we discuss how to attract, retain, and engage employees and efficiently administer back office HR functions with a single, cloud-based HCM application.
Watch this webinar if you are interested in:
  • Consolidating all of your HR, Payroll, and Talent Management needs into one application, one platform
  • Mitigating compliance risk and improving operational efficiencies
  • Leveraging technology to improve employee engagement
  • Viewing a live demonstration of PeopleGuru HCM


Steve Circle Shot.jpgAbout the Presenter: Steve Cohen, Chief Revenue Guru

Steve Cohen is a co-founder of PeopleGuru and has over 20 years’ experience in the HCM industry. Steve draws upon his extensive experience working closely with mid-market organizations to understand their unique business challenges and to coach them on how to use technology to support their business goals. @IamSCohen